General Description

SPCP866E2A, a PC peripheral controller designed to satisfy PC peripheral interface requirements, is a cost effective solution that supports USB or PS/2 Mouse, Game pad, Joystick, or data download/upload applications. SPCP866E2A cores with SunplusIT 8-bit CPU which is capable of running at up to 16MHz clock rate and has a built-in 6MHz oscillator and PLL to provide the system clock and clock output. Additionally, it features 16K bytes of program memory, 128 bytes of EEPROM and 512 bytes of RAM. The SPCP866E2A not only fulfills all PC peripheral controller requirements, but also includes the full service and support of SunplusIT.


  • A cost effective solution to support USB or PS/2 Mouse, Game pad, Joystick, or data download/upload applications.
  • Built-in SunplusIT 8-bit CPU core which can be running at up to 16 MHz clock rate.
  • Built-in 3.3v regulator, which can drive max. 90mA for off-chip applications.
  • Built-in internal 6MHz oscillator with +/- 1.5% accuracy which meets USB low speed data rate specification.
  • External 6MHZ crystal is also supported for the USB low/full speed application. As the external crystal or resonator is selected, there are build-in capacitors, so the external capacitors are not necessary.
  • Memory
    • 16K bytes program (OTP) memory
    • 128 bytes EEPROM
    • 512 bytes user RAM
    • Three 8-byte FIFOs for USB endpoints EP0, EP1 and EP2
    • Two 64-byte FIFOs for USB endpoints EP3 and EP4
  • USB
    • Conforms to USB 2.0 low/full speed specifications
    • The transceiver supports both full speed and low speed.
    • Supports 5 endpoints; each endpoint can be programmed to be IN or OUT endpoint.
  • I/O
    • Up to 23 general purpose I/O pins (excluding USB / PS2 ports DP_CK and DM_DA).
    • Programmable I/O direction and pull-up /pull-down enable/disable selection.
    • 12 GPIO pins with programmable 5V or 3.3V output level, one GPIO (PA0) can further output clock with programmable clock rate.
  • SPI
    • Full-duplex or half-duplex synchronous serial communication
    • Supports master or slave mode
    • Selectable transfer rate from 46.9K to 3M bps
  • Timer
    • Timer0: 14-bit free-run timer, generating two interrupts - overflow IRQ (T0_Flag) and real time IRQ (RTI).
    • Timer1: Re-loadable 8-bit timer which can be cascaded to a 16-bit timer.
    • Timer2: Re-loadable 8-bit timer, counting at USB frame rate 1ms
  • UART
    • Supports half-duplex asynchronous serial communication. The maximum baud rate can be up to 2457600bps.
    • 10-bit or 11-bit mode with parity control
  • Capture
    • Two input capture registers
    • Selectable edge trigger for capture input
    • Pulse or period measurement
  • Reset circuit
  • Low voltage detection circuit
  • Low voltage reset
  • Watchdog timer reset
  • Software Reset

Product Solutions

SunplusIT offer a series of comprehensive ASSP & ASIC product solutions with on-site engineering supports targeting Human Interface Devices, Industry Control, PC External HDD/ODD Drives and PC/NB Camera market segments.

MCU Solutions
  • Wired Optical Mouse
  • Wireless Desktop (Keyboard & Mouse)
  • MCU for HID & Toy Devices

Image Solutions
  • Web camera controllers
  • NB camera controllers




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