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USB/eSATA RAID Controller–SPIF250A

Issued on:2009/01/06

SunplusIT have announced the new product ,USB/eSATA RAID controller, SPIF250A. The SPIF250A controller is implemented with one USB 2.0 and three 3GHZ SATA II interface.  SPIF250A could allow for a PC host connecting through USB or eSATA interface to two HDDs application.   SPIF250A could support RAID level with RAID 0, 1, JBOD, and Simple.

SPIF250A could support multi-mode RAID :  RAID 0, 1, JBOD, and Simple. 
For RAID 0, if customers use eSATA interface, they could get a higher data transfer rate and big capacity  from 2 HDDs.

For RAID 1, it could provide the customers with HDD security.  Even, one of two HDDs has failed.  This array could still be allowed to access.  After changing a new drive, SPIF250A will do the auto-rebuild job to maintain 2 HDDs with the same data.  In RAID 1, SPIF250A could support HDD hot-swap and auto-rebuild feature.  Users could use RAID 1 without system shutdown if HDD was failed.

For JBOD, SPIF250A combine 2 different model or size HDDs into a big capacity HDD.  Then, users could combine 2 HDDs to a new capacity.  They don't need to care about 2 HDDs in different brand, performance , or capacity.

For Simple, SPIF250A will use USB multi-LUN feature.  In USB operation, user could see 2 HDDs to access.

According to HDD trend, HDD vendors like Seagate, WD, Samsung, HGST will release the new HDD more than 1TB capacity .  SPIF250A also catch this trend to support the new feature in USB.   When users get 2 1.5TB HDDs from market,  it will be easy for them to use SPIF250A with 2 1.5TB HDD.  Then, they could use whole 3TB size under Microsoft 64 bit operation system like WinXP, Vista and Window 7….  SunplusIT is the first company to support USB Read and Write 16Byte command.

Except USB feature, SPIF250A also has a good compatibility in eSATA connection.  SPIF250A has a good interoperation with current eSATA controllers.  SPIF250A could use OOB procedure to link with eSATA host with best performance like 3GHZ or 1.5GHZ to keep higher data transfer from 2 HDDs.

SPIF250A RAID controller has been into mass production, Please contact with SunplusIT or relative agent to get more detail product information.


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