Image Device Product Line

Web camera controllers

SPCA2281B3 1.3M / HD / 2M / FHD High-End USB2.0 Web Cam Controller

SPCA2688 4K2K/8M High-End USB2.0 Web Camera Controller

NB camera controllers

SPCA2087 1.3M/HD High-End USB2.0 NB Camera Controller

SPCA2110N 3D Denoise HD-720p High-End USB2.0 NB Camera Controller

SPCA2093N 3D Denoise Full HD/3M High-End USB2.0 NB Camera Controller

SPCA2089B3 3D Denoise Full HD/5M High-End USB2.0 NB Camera Controller

SPCA2150A3 3D Denoise 5M Windows Hello Face Authentication USB2.0 NB Camera Controller

IOT camera controllers

SPCV1100A 1.3M/HD Low Power IOT Camera Controller

Product Solutions

SunplusIT offer a series of comprehensive ASSP & ASIC product solutions with on-site engineering supports targeting Human Interface Devices, Industry Control, PC External HDD/ODD Drives and PC/NB Camera market segments.

MCU Solutions
  • Wired Optical Mouse
  • Wireless Desktop (Keyboard & Mouse)
  • MCU for HID & Toy Devices

Image Solutions
  • Web camera controllers
  • NB camera controllers

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