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SunplusIT Released SPIF250A Series Storage Controllers

Issued on:2008/01/04

SunplusIT announced the latest Serial ATA external storage solution, SPIF250A series controllers with embedded software and development environment. Using the SPIF250A-based external storage devices, end customers can connect one or multiple hard disk drives to their desktop PCs or notebooks via USB or eSATA interface for easily expanding the storage capacity and functionality.

SPIF250A series controllers integrate Sunplus S+Core7 32-bit RISC CPU with Serial ATA 3GHz PHY and USB 2.0 device interface to connect the comprehensive SATA external storage devices to the desktop PCs and notebooks. To satisfy the end customers' crucial needs of storage devices, Capacity, Data Security and Data Reliability, SPIF250A series controllers are built in XOR hardware engine to accelerate the operation of RAID 5. Each SATA port can be programmed to operate in host or device mode that SPIF250 series controllers can perform as a SATA Port-Multiplier or Port-Selector.

SunplusIT SPIF250A series products consist of SPIF235A, SPIF250A and SPIF260A controllers to serve the customers' needs perfectly in very wide aspects.

SPIF235 focuses on single 3G SATA storage device (HDD/ODD) application with USB and eSATA dual host interfaces. It supports both automatic and manual switching between USB and eSATA connections.

SPIF250A focus on RAID application with USB and eSATA dual host interfaces. It provides RAID 0, 1, and JBOD functions with direct-attachment of two SATA hard disk drives and satisfies the high capacity, high transfer rate and data reliability requirements of end customers.

SPIF260A intends to provide a SOC chip that has three SATA ports, one USB device port, I2C, SPI, SDIO and GPIOs and. SPIF260A has built-in 64KB SRAM and support DDR memory addressability up to 128MB for code & data. The memory expansion flexibility allows system makers to utilize DDR memory as data buffer with built-in XOR engine to implement a high performance & cost effective RAID 5 device. With S+Core7 development toolkit, reference source code and related documents, system makers can develop their own application products very easily.

SPIF250A series controllers will go into mass production in Q1 ‘2008. Please contact with SunplusIT sales representatives to get more information.

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