Low Power MCU with MTP and DC-to-DC Converter

General Description

SPCP758A is a new Highly-integrated MCU for Wireless Application developed by SunplusIT. The chip contains an 8-bit SUNPLUSIT CPU core with two timers, Timer0 and Timer1. Memory includes 8K bytes of MTP (Multi-Time-Programmable) Memory with 256 bytes of RAM (including stack buffers). The SPCP758A further features a built-in DC/DC which can support one battery applications and is especially suitable for 2.4G RF Mice and many other battery-base appliances.


  • CPU
    • Built-in 8-bit SUNPLUSIT CPU core with the maximum clock rate to be 12MHz
  • Memory
    • 8K bytes MTP (Multi-Time-Programmable) Memory and 256 bytes RAM
    • Option bytes located in the MTP Memory are loaded before Power-On Reset
  • Power
    • Built-in DC/DC and LDO converters which can supply up to 40mA current (Vout1 + Vout2) for external devices and on-chip power consumption
    • The built-in wide operating range DC/DC allows either single battery or two-battery in serial applications.
  • Clock
    • Built-in 12MHz Oscillator (osc12m), the system clock which is derived from it and can be further divided to a slower rate.
    • Built-in 5KHz R-Oscillator (R-OSC) for low power application usage.
  • I/O
    • Up to 25 GPIOs available on QFN32 package
    • Programmable I/O direction with resistive pull-up/down control
  • Timer
    • One 14-bit free-running timer with overflow interrupt and real time interrupt
    • One 8-bit re-loadable timer can be cascaded as a 16-bit timer
  • Input capture
    • Two input capture registers
    • Selectable edge triggering for capture input
    • Pulse or period measurement
  • SPI0
    • Full-duplex or half-duplex synchronous serial communication
    • Supports master or slave mode
    • Selectable transfer rate from 93.75K to 3M bps
    • Can be redirected to different GPIOs
  • SPI1
    • Four or two wires synchronous serial communication
    • Full-duplex or half-duplex synchronous serial communication for four wire type communication
    • Support slave mode only, building 16 bytes TX/RX FIFO
    • Maximum Transfer rate is 3M bps
    • Can be redirected to different GPIOs
  • Reset circuit
    • Low Voltage Detection (LVD)
    • Low Voltage Reset (LVR)
    • Watchdog Timer Reset (WDOG)
    • Illegal Address Reset
    • Software Reset
  • Power saving mode
    • Stop mode, wait (schedule wakeup) mode, and fast wait (schedule wakeup) mode.
    • One internal 5 KHz ring oscillator supporting wait mode (schedule wakeup).
    • One internal 12MHz Oscillator supporting fast wait mode (schedule wakeup).
  • Package
    • Support QFN32 and SSOP28.

Product Solutions

SunplusIT offer a series of comprehensive ASSP & ASIC product solutions with on-site engineering supports targeting Human Interface Devices, Industry Control, PC External HDD/ODD Drives and PC/NB Camera market segments.

MCU Solutions
  • Wired Optical Mouse
  • Wireless Desktop (Keyboard & Mouse)
  • MCU for HID & Toy Devices

Image Solutions
  • Web camera controllers
  • NB camera controllers




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